President Daniel Ortega and other high-level officials should be held accountable “as should Nicaragua, as a State that goes after its own people targeting university students, indigenous people, people of African descent, campesinos and members of the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations,” they said in a statement.

Nicaragua’s grim reality: Investigation by UN experts reveals crimes against humanity

GENEVA (29 February 2024) – Serious systematic human rights violations, tantamount to crimes against humanity, continue to be perpetrated by the Nicaraguan Government for political reasons, the Group of Human Rights Experts on Nicaragua said in their latest report today, detailing how the situation has deteriorated over the last year.

Exile of Nicaraguan bishop was act of persecution, not a triumph for life

The liberation of Bishop Rolando Álvarez of Matagalpa from jail in Nicaragua was met with a collective sigh of relief throughout the Catholic and freedom-loving world.

The recent exile of 19 priests and religious from Nicaragua, including Bishop Alvarez of Matagalpa, arrested in August 2022 by the regime of Daniel Ortega.

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